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  Total Tool Management

CRIBWARE is a comprehensive inventory management system that enables you to control tooling costs and usage. CRIBWARE sets itself apart from other tool management systems because it offers complete planning, inventory control, purchasing and usage management in a comfortable user interface.

CRIBWARE provides complete item management in a scalable multi-user software package. From a few hundred to thousands of items, CRIBWARE will provide flexible tracking, item identification, comprehensive searches, and advanced reporting to meet your tool management needs.

  • easy to use, optimized for speed and efficient operation,
  • powered by an industrial open database,
  • designed for single/multi user network operation,
  • modular- you only buy what you need,
  • easy to upgrade to more powerful systems.

Your tool status information is always current since the CRIBWARE system operates in real-time using the latest database techniques. Searching for tools and substitutes is fast and easy. Critical tooling resources can be traced to their point of use. CRIBWARE puts you in control of your tooling inventory and processes.


  • maintains multiple bin locations in cells, cribs and other storage areas;
  • traces tool usage to employees, departments, machines jobs and operations;
  • manages the purchasing process from need notification to receipt history;
  • supports a wide variety of bar coding options;
  • automates tool kitting and job tool lists;
  • links to automated tool storage units;
  • supports many different tool viewing formats;
  • provides extensive online help and documentation.

Know what you have

With CRIBWARE you know what items you have and what you need. Items are classified as perishable or durable. CRIBWARE provides standardized part numbering and references for purchasing and manufacturing personnel. Records of usage and consumption allow you to allocate job costs. You can also review scrap and rework costs for each item. Total accountability for all your items results in inventory reductions. Advanced Reports display your items, their storage location and status.

Know when to replenish

Automatic electronic purchasing allows for quick order creation. Reorder points trigger the need to replenish. Usage and purchase history assist purchasing decisions. Multiple descriptions provide the ability to cross reference customer numbers to vendor/manufacturer part numbers. You can select a preferred vendor for your items. EDI purchasing provides greater speed, accuracy and reduced data entry. Integrated receiving specifies stocking location and accounts for item costs. You can view reports on open orders, vendor commitments, order timing and past due items.

Know where it is

Real-time status provides current quantities by location, on-hand, checked out, on order, in rework and reserved. CRIBWARE tracks usage by employees, departments, machines, jobs and/or operations, work orders, tasks and/or assets plus two user definable tracking parameters. These tracking parameters may be modified to meet your own unique requirements. Inventory is maintained in individual cells, in cabinets within cribs and between multiple locations. CRIBWARE monitors gage calibration, rework and scrap. It also provides extensive reports for location, obsolete, overdue, calibration, receiving, rework and scrap status.

Cost Justification

CRIBWARE Solutions provide many opportunities for cost savings and productivity improvements:
  • Consumable reduction through usage tracking;
  • Stockroom staffing time reduction;
  • Purchase order cost reduction through automatic purchasing;
  • Lower expediting costs - online availability of material;
  • CRIBWARE optimized replenishment - inventory reduction;
  • Management involvement in routine processes, expediting and tool and supply searches eliminated.






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The ultimate solution in vending automation.

RotoFlex 720

Flexible square bins for better product utilization.
Tambour door opens 2 inches to 60 inches for maximum product dispensing.
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