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Reporting is an integral part of the CRIBWARE® system. It provides management with the tools to report, analyze, document and export CRIBWARE information. With over 350 reports available for viewing, exporting and/or printing CRIBWARE information, CRIBWARE reports are robust and graphically pleasing and present the information quickly and easily.

  • Management analysis and reporting
  • User hard copy documentation
  • Reports designed for CRIBWARE users
  • Reports created using Crystal Reports, the industry standard format
  • View, print, e-mail, or export reports
  • Custom tailor reports with corporate logos
  • Export information to other corporate systems
  • Optional FairCom ODBC driver available for creating or customizing your own reports using Crystal Reports

Reports are organized by categories and sub-categories in a report tree. Sub-categories are further broken down using logical criteria to narrow the report focus and extract a detail-rich report.

Some of the features provided of the Advanced Reports include:
  • Standard report tree for easy report selection.
  • Custom report tree for customer created reports.
  • Group tree for quickly moving between the sections of a report.
  • Search Text function to find specific words or phrases in completed reports.
  • Recent Reports listing of recently used reports for easy reselection.
  • Refined selection criteria for more detailed analysis.
  • Export report information in many common business formats.
  • Usage reports in a spreadsheet friendly layout for easy exporting to Microsoft Excel.
  • Transmit report information via e-mail.
  • Integrated launching of the external application for the export function.
  • Print large or small bar code labels.
Barcode Labels
Print large or small bar code labels for items, employees, shelf life items, gages and fixtures. Bar code label information can also be exported to other systems for custom formatting and label size.

Labels for switching between the Check out and Check in activities in Self Serve, as well as completing the activity, can be printed. Place the bar code label on documentation, cabinets, computer screens or any place that is easily accessible. The scanning of the appropriate label will activate the software to switch to the selected activity or to complete the transaction.

Exporting and Distributing Report Data
CRIBWARE Reports can be exported for further analysis, review, distribution of use with other programs. Export formats include: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Crystal Reports (RPT), HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word (RTF), text, tab separated text, ODBC, record style, separated values and XML, to name a few.

Powerful Crystal Reports
Report Selection Tree

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