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  About Applied CIM Technologies, Inc.

Applied CIM Technologies Inc. is dedicated to providing the software solutions to accomodate the customers need. Our team of Engineers, Programmers, and Support Staff have both the classroom, and real world hands on experience needed to help you. Applied CIM Technologies covers all the bases from idea to reality including the setup, training, and modification of the solution to seamlessly fit into your company.

We are the software solutions provider within Productivity Inc which means that we have established our name and reputation with that of Productivity. It also means that you not only recieve the highest possible service from Applied CIM Technologies, but also if your you experience a problem on your shop floor, you don't need to correspond with two independent companies, just one, and we will be there for you.

Competition in today's manufacturing market place requires continual monitoring and improvement of the manufacturing process. The integration of computer hardware and software in the tooling process, is one of the best methods of increasing productivity. Fully integrated computer hardware and software means improved quality, reduced cost and increased profitability for your company.

Applied CIM Technologies offers a modular approach through applications that start simple but have paths to larger more integrated solutions. These upgrade paths provide you with a system that will expand and grow as your needs dictate. As a full service supplier, Applied CIM Technologies offer off-the-shelf industry standard solutions tailored to your needs, as well as custom software for your unique requirements. These open-architecture solutions are supported with standard computer hardware and proven network configurations.

Applied CIM Technologies, Inc. provides you with the latest in state-of-the-art tool management products and services at reasonable prices, in steps that are easy to justify and easy to implement. Successful tool management requires a strong commitment to planning, justification, and implementation. Applied CIM Technologies makes this task easier by providing worry-free step-by step implementation with proven practical tool management products and services.

Your operation is unique. That is why our systems range from cost effective off-the-shelf software modules to a complete turnkey solution. Applied CIM Technologies assists you with small or large steps that are focused on problem solving. This approach can make tool management solutions your most profitable investment.

Applied CIM Technologies was incorporated in the fall of 1989. Our team of software developers and engineers have designed, over a ten year period, industry leading software applications. The CRIBWARE product was first introduced in 1983 as one of the first PC based tool management solutions. In 1989, Applied CIM technologies purchased the software rights and source code to the product. Continued development and support since 1989 has been performed by the ACT staff.

The Applied CIM Technologies' staff brings years of practical Tool Management experience, high energy and innovation to your project. Our staff includes computer system engineers, software developers, technicians and trainers who provide unique solutions, extracting the highest return on your computer integrated manufacturing investment. This staff of is supported by excellent relationships with industry leading vendors, such as Intermec, Microsoft and Autodesk

Service and Support
Service and support are the back bone of any long term relationship. Our support and service program was developed over a ten year period and can help both small and large organizations become more efficient. We provide pre-sale application analysis, product training, after sale system support, custom software and telephone assistance.

Applied CIM Technologies will assist you with:

  • Problem analysis
  • Custom software
  • Installation
  • Training
  • After sales support
  • email Support
  • Remote access

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Applied CIM Technologies, Inc.

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