CRIBWARE replenishment and purchasing management

The procurement of all necessary indirect materials needed for production or the daily operation of your company is easily accomplished with CRIBWARE.

The CRIBWARE Purchasing module automates many routine purchasing tasks, eliminates redundant tasks, and increases purchasing efficiency. Create requisitions and/or purchase orders, increase order fulfillment accuracy and eliminate untracked and sporadic buying habits. And the purchase and receiving functions can be customized and automated by each department.

Three methods of CRIBWARE replenishment

Order creation by:

Min-Max Control

Relying on min/max levels, CRIBWARE tracks issues, returns and receipts to determine when an item’s on-hand quantity reaches a predetermined level (Order or Restock Point). When an item’s quantity falls below it’s designated minimum, replenishment is triggered. In short, the system determines the demand for all inventoried items. When the material is received, the on-hand quantity is incremented. 

Visual Bin-fill Control

Many items have a low purchase value and are best stored in bulk or open bins for easy access. Individual item control for these items is too costly and burdensome. A systematic, visual replenishment process using a handheld barcode scanner assures availability with minimal cost. The item can be added to an existing open purchase order (for that vendor) or a new purchase order can be created.

Trigger or Kanban Control

Some items are critical to organization effectiveness but usage is not predictable; they are best controlled by the process or the people that use the material. The use of a replenishment trigger, like a Kanban card, signals when an item needs to be orders. This is a common process for replenishing non-inventoried bins. These orders are created in CRIBWARE manually, or added to an existing open purchase order for that vendor.

Purchasing/Receiving Activities

There are ten different purchase-related activities:

1. Creating Purchase Orders
2. Canceling Purchase Orders
3. Un-canceling Purchase Orders
4. Add and Edit Purchase Order Items
5. Removing Items from Purchase Order
6. Receiving Purchase Orders
7. Un-receiving Purchase Orders
8. Printing, Emailing, and Faxing Orders
9. Transmission of Purchase Orders
10. Editing received orders


CRIBWARE allows you to continuously evaluate whether you're receiving your tooling materials at the best possible price in order to maximize profitability.

Customizable purchase order forms in CRIBWARE.

CRIBWARE done your way...

  • Layout of form based on your existing style
  • Add your company logo
  • Include bar codes for quick entry
  • Attach special vendor instructions
  • Format column widths
  • Add grids and other graphic spacers

Crystal Reports

Leverage the power of Crystal Reports to customize your CRIBWARE purchase order form.

Report and form customization

CRIBWARE Reports show items ordered and received and provide a complete purchasing audit trail.

CRIBWARE Purchasing Report Examples
  • Purchase Order Master
  • Open Orders
  • Overdue/late Orders
  • Crib Reorder & Restock
  • Received Purchase Orders
  • Top Purchased by Cost
  • Top Purchased by Qrder Qty
  • Inventory Valuation - Actual Costs
  • Inventory Valuation - Average Costs
  • Restock Activity
  • All Requisitions (Open, Closed)
  • Item Purchase History - Summary
  • Item Purchase History - Detailed

CRIBWARE boasts more than 75 purchasing related reports. For more details on the power of CRIBWARE reporting click on the icon or title.