Reporting and Analytics

Empowering you with the knowledge to improve your processes and analyze your tooling assets performance.

Leveraging the power of Crystal Reports to present information that is powerful, interactive and easy to navigate, CRIBWARE reporting delivers information on all your inventory processes. Reports are organized by categories and sub-categories in a report tree; Sub-categories are further broken down using logical criteria to narrow the report focus and extract a detail-rich report. With over 400 reports available, CRIBWARE provides the tools to report, analyze, document and export information for further analysis and review.

CRIBWARE Reporting Features

  • Easy find and select the report you need  by category and sub.
  • Quickly find most commen reports by building list of reports.
  • Refined selection criteria for more detailed analysis.
  • Quickly navigate between the sections of a report using our group tree.
  • Search Text function to find specific words or phrases in completed reports.
  • Recent Reports listing of frequently used reports for easy selection.
  • Export report information in many common business formats including Microsoft Excel, PDF, Tab delimited text, etc.
  • Transmits report data to other users via e-mail.
  • Launch external application to view report information from the Export function.

CRIBWARE Analytics - Beyond just the report

Exploring data and reports in order to extract meaningful, actionable insights, which can be used to better understand and improve productivity and tooling performance.

Utilizing CRIBWARE data and reporting to drive results

Building on the vast amount of data captured by the CRIBWARE system, reports output that information into cohesive, easy to evaluate, knowledge.  Analyzing this material knowledge leads to better decision making on  your inventory processes, purchasing behavior and usage practices. Once good decisions have been made, concrete action can be undertaken that lead to proven, reliable results.

The CRIBWARE Report Viewer delivers power not found in other systems.

Some of the features provided by CRIBWARE Reports include:
  • A report tree for easy report selection.
  • Refined selection criteria for more detailed analysis.
  • A Group Tree for quickly moving between the sections of a report.
  • A Search Text function to search for specific words or phrases in completed reports.
  • A list of the last 7 recently run reports for quick access to the reports used most often.
  • The ability to print bar code labels, both individual and full page.
In addition, the Export Report function allows the user to:
  • Convert completed reports into other standard formats.
  • Launch external applications to view the exported information.
  • Transmit reports via e-mail.

1. Main Toolbar

Access the more commonly used commands.

2. Run Report (button)

Initiate the selected report and display the results in the Report Preview pane.

3. Report Tree

Select the specific report you wish to run. It allows for the drilling down to specific criteria and formats and includes over 400 report variations.

4. Export Report (button)

Output the report PDF, Excel, CSV and other common data formats. The information can then be further analyzed or senbt to other corporate systems.

Report viewer attributes

5. Report criteria

Define the specific report criteria including search range, date range, storage location, sub-categories, and detail or summary view.

6. Report Toolbar

Print, export and refresh the displayed report. There are also page and record navigation tools, report Zoom level, and a Text Search.

7. Group Tree

Open a tree to navigate the primary records within the report. This is particularly helpful when viewing multiple page reports.

8. Report Preview pane

View the selected report information, formatted for the defined printer. Use the Report Toolbar to print export, refresh, navigate, search and zoom the report details.


CRIBWARE Courier is an automated e-mail scheduler and transmitter.

Using Courier, CRIBWARE reports can be scheduled to run at a specific time and automatically run.  Courier then e-mail the resulting PDF, doc or text file to the designated recipient(s) or saves it to a specific folder on  your network. Courier automates an e-mail process that occurs on a regular basis. You can set it up so a recipient receives e-mail with one or more attachments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Courier not only runs a report and sends the results, but also allows the user to send any file from any location. If a user manually places a text file in a specific location each day, you can set Courier up to send the text file to a designated recipient every day.

Courier email Scheduler


  • Automatically sends email at a scheduled time
  • Transmitting interval: Daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Electronically generates and sends any designated CRIBWARE report
  • Attach HTML or text files
  • Multiple scheduled email activities
  • Multiple recipients and CCs


  • Timely reporting
  • Standardized reporting process
  • Reduces human intervention in report generation
  • Send reports to remote locations
  • Eliminates fax and paperwork errors
Courier report scheduling
Report and form customization

CRIBWARE Reports are customizable
using Crystal Reports.

Customizations include:

  • corporate logos,
  • modified layout,
  • unique search criteria,
  • additional data fields,
  • custom formulas,
  • summary and total fields,
  • colorization and other graphic elements.