Inventory Control

A basic building block in all CRIBWARE systems, maintaining all your item information and inventory balances.

Inventory control provides planning, costing, condition category, availability, and vendor information on all items entered in the CRIBWARE system. With CRIBWARE, the storage location(s), stock status, cost and reorder point information are readily available. You know the value of your inventory, how much is on order and what is obsolete or dead inventory. Product quality and cost control are improved when the system manages your inventories.

This up-to-date stock information is available to all CRIBWARE users. Inventory control activities monitor tools, safety, maintenance, and other indirect material items.


The goal of CRIBWARE inventory management is to generate the maximum production from the least amount of inventory investment without intruding upon productivity levels in machine up-time or worker performance.

Primary features of CRIBWARE inventory control

Multi-location, multiple bin control

Perishable and permanent item management

drill and bits

Order point and max point replenishment (min-max)

Purchase versus usage level monitoring

Purchase versus inventory quantity conversion

Maintains inventory valuation

CRIBWARE Reports show where items are located and provide usage accountability.

CRIBWARE Inventory Report Examples
  • Inventory Valuation - Actual and Average Costs
  • Storage bin within Location
  • Item - by Location
  • Overdue Issued
  • Item History - Summary and Detailed
  • Usage -12 Month Rolling Average
  • Usage - Item Volume and Vendor Volume
  • Obsolete Inventory
  • Where Used
  • Transferred Items

CRIBWARE boasts more than 90 inventory related reports. For more details on the power of CRIBWARE reporting, click on the icon or title.