Gage and Fixture Management

Building on the CRIBWARE systems' inventory control and tracking, Gage and Fixture management adds inspection and calibration activities to any serialized item.

Our complete calibration management solution provides alerts and warnings for upcoming, past due, and failed calibrations. CRIBWARE manages calibration steps, procedures and reports your historical calibration records, ensuring you have the correct instrument for your inspection processes. Inspection management and serialized tracking allow you to track gages or fixtures by their serial numbers and to maintain accurate  calibration and fixture inspection history.

As part of the CRIBWARE system, inspection management and serialized item tracking share many standard CRIBWARE functions:

  • Inventory Control
  • Location Control
  • Check out/Check in
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Tracking of usage for compliance
  • Reports
  • Material documentation
Gages calibration screen

Capabilities of CRIBWARE Gage Management

Gage Serial Screen
Gage Attributes Screen

Serial Number Tracking

The addition of a serial or other unique number to the CRIBWARE item number assists in the identification, tracking and control of gages, fixtures, safety equipment and power tools. This number is tracked throughout the usage of the item and triggers the procedures for automatic inspection or calibration.

Procedure and Activity Documentation

The procedures for the Calibration or Inspection activity provide online documentation and assure the revision level of the procedure. The actual results of the activity are also documented for each serial number device. Any out of specification condition will be highlighted. A calibration certificate may be printed upon successful completion.

Calibration Standards

The standard used in each calibration is tracked and documented as part of the calibration history. This trace back method ensures that you have a full audit trail for both your instrument as well as what was used for the measurement.

Automatic Scheduling

Date, usage or frequency can be used to establish the calibration or inspection interval. Scheduling by date permits either the selection of the number of days between the activity or a specific next date. Scheduling by usage defines the number of issues or check outs between an inspection or calibration. Scheduling by frequency allows for the entry of item service levels between activities. All scheduling techniques can be used simultaneously.

Calibration or Inspection History

The on-line history records the actual measured values and the calibration standard used in the calibration. Each value is compared to the specified or nominal value and recorded as such. Each activity is time stamped and the employee performing the task is recorded.

Out of Calibration Warning

During the issuing of a serialized item, the CRIBWARE system monitors the serial number to the calibration or inspection state of the item. If the item has been inspected or calibrated during the specified period of time, the issue will proceed, if not, an out of calibration warning will appear on the Check out screen and the item cannot be issued.

CRIBWARE reports drive calibration activity and provide compliance documentation for all gage management activty.

CRIBWARE Gage/Fixture Report Examples
  • Gage/Fixture Master listing
  • Gage and Fixture location control
  • Usage and tracking of serialized items
  • Calibration/Inspection Due by Date - Item
  • Calibration/Inspection Due by Date - Date Due
  • Calibration/Inspection Due- Item or Date Issued
  • Calibration/Inspection Due- Issued to Employee
  • Calibration/Inspection Due- Issued to Department
  • Calibration/Inspection Due- Issued to Job
  • Calibration/Inspection Due- Issued to Machine
  • Calibration/Inspection Certificate
  • Usage by Job/Operation
Gage Certificate report screen

CRIBWARE gage management includes more than 20 inspection and calibration reports. In addition, over 30 inventory management reports monitor the location and track the usage of serialized items. For more details on the power of CRIBWARE reporting, click on the icon or title.


The goal of CRIBWARE inventory management is to generate the maximum productivity from the least amount of inventory investment without intruding upon productivity levels in machine uptime or worker preformance.