Job and Bill of Tooling

Great tool management relies on well planned tooling requirements. CRIBWARE delivers powerful job planning for those tooling needs.

Job Bill of Tooling screen

Efficient manufacturing production requires thoughtful planning and scheduling of material requirements for tasks and jobs. Using the CRIBWARE Job/Operations module ensures that a proper bill of material or tooling list is used for your unique manufacturing challenges. These listings include kits, assemblies, gages and fixtures. Once job and part records are created, an unlimited number of operations can be built, and then items, kits, or assemblies can be assigned to each operation. Additionally, with the optional Machine module, jobs or parts can be assigned to a default machine for usage and cost tracking.

An advantage of using the CRIBWARE Job module is the ability to display an item list during check out (issuing). This ensures the correct items are checked out to the job or machine and provides further usage accountability for the items. CRIBWARE reports provide the value of tooling checked out or used on a particular job or part as a result of this practice. Tooling lists also help planners determine what needs to be ordered before a job is started. Ultimately, the tooling costs for each job and operation can be used for better quoting and estimating on future jobs.


Job and operation item assignment

A dashboard for controlling your tooling for every job from one screen.

Meet the demands of job planning and scheduling for all your indirect materials, tools and supplies with this comprehensive launch point into CRIBWARE. You can easily plan, schedule, define, act on and analyze your bill of tooling for jobs from one area

1. Job toolbar

Access the most commonly used record commands. Navigate, add, duplicate and delete job records and operations from here.

2. Job start and end dates

Enter an expected start and end date for your job.

3. Operation assignment

Assign multiple operations to each job. Each operation provides the framework for assigning your tooling requirements lists. Operations can include specific machining functions or other activities that require their own unique list of items.

4. Bill of Materials Report (button)

Run a detailed bill of materials report showing all the materials necessary to perform the selected job.

Job Operation Tool Assignment Screen

5. Assign Items (button)

Assign tools and and other indirect materials to the selected operation.

6. Assigned Items list

Listing of the items and the quantity needed for the selected operation.

7. Check Out (button)

Open the CRIBWARE checkout screen, with the assigned items automatically added to the check out list.

8. Item documentation (button)

Display an attached file for the selected item on the Assigned Items list. These files can include photos, video, MSDS, Excel, CAD or other details on the item.

9. Item information (button)

Open the Item Information screen for the selected item, to view location, quantity, purchasing and other item details.

Job BOM Report

CRIBWARE Reports deliver powerful job management and bill of tooling information.

Some of the featured Job reports include:
  • Master Job Listing
  • Usage by Job/Operation
  • Where Used by Job
  • Job/Operation Items
  • Job Start Date

There are more than a dozen Job specific reports in CRIBWARE. For more details on the power of CRIBWARE reporting, click on the icon or title.