Shelf Life Management

Tracking lots and batches of your date sensitive materials reduces waste and improves product quality by ensuring usage of only valid materials.

Shelf life management of supply items is something that has been around as long as there has been shelves. A shelf life item is defined as an item that deteriorates or becomes unstable over time; it therefore must be assigned a maximum storage period to ensure that it performs satisfactorily when used. Industrial cribs and storerooms have hundreds of items that are time sensitive. Examples include: chemicals, adhesives, batteries, hazardous materials, paint, welding materials and cleaning supplies.

The CRIBWARE Shelf Life module establishes and tracks the time sensitive items by lot numbers and expiration dates. A test tracking function permits the testing of qualified items to determine whether the item can still perform to its specifications. Shelf life items include standard and hazardous items, both returnable and non-returnable.



will track your date sensitive materials by up to 10 different simultaneous criteria:

  • Employee/person
  • Department/work area
  • Machine/work center
  • Job/operation
  • Work Order/ Task
  • Asset/Task
  • Or two Optional user defined fields

Expiration Dates

Date sensitive material is managed by expiration date. This date is entered at receiving time and tracked on all check out and check in transactions. During Check Out, the oldest item that is not expired is issued. An item may be retested, and if acceptable, may be assigned a new expiration date. If items are past the expiration date, they may be scrapped by the entire lot or batch number.

Shelflife barcode label

CRIBWARE Shelf Life reports show the status of your items' life and when they expire.

The Shelf Life Master lists all the Shelf Life items with their Lot numbers and expiration, testing status, primary vendor, location, cost and quantity on hand. The Shelf Life Expired report lists the items by their expiration date, providing information on the item’s lot number and description, MSDS number, testing status, location, cost and quantity on hand.

CRIBWARE provides more than a dozen Shelf Life specific reports. All usage and tracking reports also show where and when these critical items were consumed. For more details on the power of CRIBWARE reporting, click on the icon or title.

Shelf life chemical management report