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Modularity, Scalability, Concurrent Users

Flexibility is a key attribute of the CRIBWARE system. At any time, add functionality and users. Growth, from additional users, added cribs or just more user traffic, is easily accommodated by the industrial grade database manager. A software based license manager counts only concurrent or active users. The software may be installed on any computer that may need to access the CRIBWARE functions and information. Only the users that are logged on to the CRIBWARE application count as a user. This benefits casual or low activity users, as they are not counted unless they are actually logged in.

Flexibility to grow

The CRIBWARE software architecture maximizes flexibility in feature configuration. An optional module may be added at any time and still maintain the integrity of the previous system. Each new module adds functionality through the addition of database tables, user interface screens, software logic and reports. This means that you can purchase only the functions that you currently need, adding more functionality later with a new control number.

Scalability to expand

The CRIBWARE application uses the FairCom database manager. It is a high performance, industrial-grade database manager designed for large, complex applications. This ensures the expansion capability of the CRIBWARE system. Every CRIBWARE system supports multiple cribs or storage locations and additional locations may be added at any time without any additional licensing or expense. Users can be added to the system at any time by simply updating the system control number. The number of users is limited only by the computer power of the server.