Tool and Item Tracking

Providing real-time item location information, cost and usage accountability.

Tool tracking provides the complete accounting of tooling and manufacturing accessory consumption, giving management accurate records and analytics to better oversee your tooling investment. All CRIBWARE systems can track items by employee, or depending on your configuration, any of nine other available parameters (including two user-defined fields). The check-out process for each location can be customized to fit your needs. One or more tracking parameters may be used and the on-screen field label may be changed to accommodate your conventions.


CRIBWARE tracks by

Up to 10 different simultaneous criteria:

  • Employee/person
  • Department/work area
  • Machine/work center
  • Job/Operation
  • Work Order/Task
  • Asset/Task
  • Or two optional User-Defined fields

CRIBWARE Reports show where items are located and provide usage accountability.

CRIBWARE superior location management.

Items may be found:

  • in a storage location,
  • out on the shop floor,
  • on a job site,
  • at a machine.

CRIBWARE boasts more than 75 tracking and usage related reports. For more details on the power of CRIBWARE reporting, click on the icon or title.

CRIBWARE delivers advanced tracking not found in other systems.

The CRIBWARE application manages both perishable and permanent material. Tracking, using CRIBWARE, covers the complete process life-cycle of tooling and accessories from requisition, purchase receiving, usage, rework/resharpening to scrapping and/or obsolescence. CRIBWARE also tracks the condition of the items with a new, used and other classification and a cost may be assigned for each of these condition categories on an item by item basis. Item purchases and receipts are recorded, detailing an items restock/reorder history for those using our replenishment/purchasing features. Vendor performance tracking is also available to show purchase versus receipt history as compared to recommended/default lead times.