Maintenance Management

Ensure your machines and equipment are running at peak performance using CRIBWARE maintenance management software.

Maintenance crib

CRIBWARE Maintenance Management is designed for the efficient planning and execution of maintenance activities. Maintenance Management covers many diverse functions, including: Asset Management, Work Order and Task control and scheduling. Using the CRIBWARE Asset Management feature, you can identify an asset, check its status, review service history, and provide maintenance task documentation. Craft and employee skill/resource information necessary to efficiently maintain an asset is assigned and matched to efficiently conduct your maintenance activity.

CRIBWARE Work Orders schedule and document the maintenance activities to be performed on your assets. Work orders list all the tasks needed to complete the activity; showing specific work instructions, asset documentation, part lists, tool lists and employee craft requirements. Work Orders are performed and progress is tracked on the CRIBWARE Maintenance Service screens or in report format ensuring timely and accurate maintenance.

CRIBWARE Maintenance Management is available in multi-user, multi-location configurations and is compatible with the CRIBWARE issuing, receiving, material tracking and inventory control modules for the management of maintenance materials. Point-of-use dispensing and vending cabinets provide secure material storage. CRIBWARE barcode devices are available for fast, accurate information entry and the ToolView module can be used for the referencing of print, documents and manuals.

CRIBWARE Maintenance Delivers

Asset Management

Asset Management provides the identification, status, service tracking and maintenance task documentation for physical assets. The Asset Information screen displays details of what it is, where it came from, where it is now and what its condition is. The reports provide hard copy documentation of this information.

An asset’s Tasks define the actual maintenance activities to be performed. Tasks also include the items, tools, spare parts, documentation and the craft(s) needed to perform the activity. An asset may have many tasks; each task may have different information for schedule, craft and required items.

Work orders and tasks

The work order is the engine of CRIBWARE maintenance. Work orders provide the details for the tasks, materials, skills, personnel and tooling necessary to perform your activities. Each CRIBWARE work order is broken down into individual tasks providing a hierarchical organization and communication tool for your technicians to follow.

The use of work orders provide the scheduling and monitoring of all your maintenance activity. The work order shows the requested, planned and actual start and end dates/times for your tasks. From here, managers can view work orders that have been requested, planned, started, stopped, placed on hold, completed and cancelled.  This comprehensive scheduling engine ensures detailed organization of all your maintenance activities.

Maintenance workorder screen

Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service screen

Maintenance Service documents the actual maintenance activities that are performed on a specific work order and work order task. Maintenance employees log into this screen to review and record the work being performed. Here, users view Start, Stop, On Hold and Finished status changes, items, tools, spare parts, documentation and the craft(s) used for the activity.

The layout and functions of the Maintenance Service screen lends itself to portable devices. Using a tablet or or other PDA, maintenance personnel can quickly access there own work schedules, perform their tasks, and complete their work activities. CRIBWARE then automatically records the time spent on each task.

Maintenance capabilities

Exhaustive functions for machines and equipment maintenance.

  1. Complete asset definition and status tracking
  2. Task templates for easy work order creation
  3. Work orders include time estimates, parts and tool lists
  4. Planned and Emergency work orders
  5. Documents history of maintenance activities
  6. Work order scheduling with material requirements
  7. Online work order viewing and printing
  8. Craft designations and employee assignments
  9. Scheduling of maintenance activities
  10. Documents emergency maintenance
  11. History files on assets and work orders
  12. CRIBWARE Check Out/In for item usage and tracking to the asset and work order
  13. Management viewing of Work Order status
  14. Enables efficient use of maintenance craft resources
  15. Tracks the usage of parts and tooling
  16. Link maintenance schedules with tools and supplies needed
  17. Integrated barcode printing and scanning
  18. Analysis of material used to perform maintenance
  19. Security on all software functions
  20. Online viewing of reference prints, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and other documents


With CRIBWARE you can continuously monitor your maintenance activity and plan the service, crafts, parts and tooling necessary to keep your shop running smoothly.

CRIBWARE Reports show assets and work orders with their status and activity to be performed as well as history, cost and time spent on maintenance.

Asset and Maintenance Report Examples
  • Asset master
  • Asset history
  • Asset where used
  • Work order master
  • Unscheduled work orders
  • Backlogged work orders
  • Work order history
  • Work order bill of materials
  • Open work orders
  • Completed work orders
  • Work order scheduling
  • Time spent on maintenance

CRIBWARE boasts more than 50 maintenance and asset related reports. For more details on the power of CRIBWARE reporting, click on the icon or title.