Item Documentation and ToolView

More information at your finger tips

Sometimes you have more information than will fit into a database field. CRIBWARE provides the answer to this question with an integrated document viewing system. Examples of documents including setup sheets, MSDS, tool drawings, tooling specs, etc. Using the CRIBWARE Documentation feature, you can attach a single file to an item, though that file may contain hyperlinks to several documents. Common files types include JPG, BMP, TIF, DOC, XLS, and PDF. To attach multiple files, you need the ToolView module.

CRIBWARE Documentation

Single document but, multiple file types

  • Word documents,
  • Excel files,
  • Image files; jpeg, bitmap, png, etc.,
  • HTML files,
  • Text documents,
  • or hyperlink to multiple documents from one file.


Superior documentation management.

ToolView is an integrated multi-file visualization tool embedded within the CRIBWARE Tool Management system, providing reliable access to existing information contained within all your enterprise systems, to improve business processes and workforce productivity.

Using a third party viewer (purchased and licensed separately), the ToolView module provides access to CAD drawings, process sheets, Microsoft Office documents, photographs and tooling diagrams from within CRIBWARE, easily and effectively. Users can view, print, review and collaborate on digital documents without having the original application. Leaving the files in their native format safeguards against changes to the master document. Depending on your viewer, additional capabilities such as markups, comments, text searches, advanced printing options and file conversions may be available.