Information Collection - Fast and Easy!

Barcoding is a proven, complementary technology that adds to the efficiency and effectiveness of your crib management system. It lowers operating costs, simplifies use, and improves the accuracy of your crib management system. Corded and cordless RF scanners are available for economical label scanning, but cordless scanners are the most common bar code devices sold today.


1D Bar code for Items

CRIBWARE Barcode Options

  • Corded wedge readers
  • Portable data collectors
  • Cordless RF scanners
  • Label printers
  • Laser scanners
  • 1D and 2D imagers

Cordless Barcode Readers

CRIBWARE screens are optimized for barcode scanner use.

How they work...

" Wedge technology means data goes into the computer just as if it were typed on the keyboard "


  • Durable industrial designs are built tough to withstand common abuse for many years
  • Wireless technology with an operating range of 33’/10m to 328’/100m (varies by model)
  • Bluetooth® 2.0-4.0, Class 1-2 wireless technology available
  • User replaceable lithium-ion battery that charges in as little as 4 hours
  • Aggressive laser or linear imaging performance.
  • Operates up to 8 hours on a single charge
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Supports a wide variety of barcode symbologies


  • Stands up to tough industrial environments
  • Large RF range makes work easier in large facilities
  • Eliminates hand-keying operations while increasing overall productivity
  • Efficient system setup
  • Reduced operator training and errors
  • Increased data collection flexibility
  • Increased operator satisfaction, without increasing the daily tasks of personnel

Mobile CRIBWARE barcode data collection

With the aid of the CRIBMATE II mobile barcode scanner and integrated software, a CRIBWARE operator can perform all crib functions in an efficient manner:

  • Check out/check in of items, tools, and other supplies
  • Receiving of purchased items
  • Physical inventory counting

To perform a remote check out/in (issue and return), an operator scans the barcode and enters the quantity checked out as the tools are issued to the employee, job, operation, department, machine, work order, task or asset.

Remote receiving of inventory allows the operator using the CRIBMATE II to receive inventory into the CRIBWARE system while out on the shop floor, at the loading dock, or in a central receiving area. This flexibility reduces the transportation of tooling inventory and decreases receiving data entry time.

The physical inventory function enables quick and accurate system setup, cycle counting data collection, and periodic physical inventory and auditing. By simply scanning a barcode and entering the quantity of an item, the operator can collect data on several hundred items, and then upload the quantities into the CRIBWARE database.

The rugged industrial barcode scanner uses integrated imaging or laser scanner technology that reads labels up to 15 inches away, is reliable with no moving parts, and has 52 keys and a large display.


Printing bar code labels

Bar code label printing is fully integrated into the CRIBWARE system. CRIBWARE offers several solutions to meet you label needs depending on the volume of bar code labels being printed, the number of alphanumeric characters needed (which determines the label size), the media needed, and your budget. Print bar code labels on demand with CRIBWARE QuickPrint, or in batch mode, for maximum efficiency.

CRIBWARE bar code printer

Perfect for storeroom and tool crib labeling

  • Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer capability
  • Parallel/Serial/USB interfaces
  • Printing speed up to 5” per second, at 203dpi
  • Print media from 1” to 4” wide
  • Small footprint and reliable operation
Advanced Reports for Volume Label Printing
  • Print full pages of labels for items, employees, departments, jobs and operations, and machines
  • Print individual labels for items, employees, departments, jobs and operations, machines, gage/fixture serial numbers, and shelf life lot numbers
  • Bar code printing on 2.25” X .75”, 3” X 1” and 4” X 1” media
  • Supports the 1D Code 39 (3 of 9) and the 2D Data Matrix symbologies
On Demand Label Printing… QuickPrint
  • Easy, one-step printing
  • Print single labels from the various database information screens
  • Printing of labels for items, employees, departments, jobs and operations, and machines
  • Bar codes optimized for printing 2.25” X .75”, 3” x 1” and 4” x 1” labels
  • Custom label sizes and layouts available
  • Supports the 1D Code 39 (3 of 9) and the 2D Data Matrix symbologies