ASR - Automatic Storage and Retrieval

The CRIBWARE Tool Management System provides a real-time interface to your automatic storage and retrieval system. The functions supplied include inventory control of the unit’s contents, tracking of item history and usage, automatic reordering of items dispensed, and interfacing to other corporate systems.

System Control
Utilizing database, and machine communication technology, CRIBWARE provides the following features:

  • Quick check-out/check-in of individual items and kits
  • Inventory management of the Kardex contents
  • Control of Kardex units from within CRIBWARE
  • Standard CRIBWARE operator interface
  • Tracking of item history and usage
  • Automatic reordering of items dispensed
  • Interfacing to other corporate systems
  • Secure control of tooling inventory
  • Management of multiple Kardex units and types
  • Real-time information on inventory levels
  • Multiple Kardex unit management, multiple storage location management
  • Corporate wide purchasing
  • Network connections to other corporate systems
  • Monitoring by remote CRIBWARE station for activity and usage
  • Set up and planning of Kardex items from another CRIBWARE station
  • Real-time reporting
  • Integration with other CRIBWARE functions i.e., gage calibration, maintenance, ToolView.

System Connection
Your Kardex or Remstar unit(s) may be daisy-chained together or networked to other storage locations and monitored remotely be the CRIBWARE System. These automatic storage and retrieval units will then be closely integrated to your other corporate systems by utilizing the CRIBWARE systems interfacing tools.