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  Bar Coding Options

Your tooling is a valuable corporate resource, and your computer assisted Tool Management System is necessary to gain control of this resource. Bar coding is proven, complementary technology that adds to the efficiency and effectiveness of your Tool Management System. It lowers the operating cost, simplifies the use, and improves the accuracy of your Tool Management System.

Bar Codes in a Tool Management System achieve the major objectives of:

  • Faster information entry
  • Systematic system setup
  • Reduced operator error
  • Reduced user training
  • Increased data collection flexibility
  • More accurate tracking

without increasing the daily tasks of tooling personnel. In fact, most applications of bar code technology reduce the data collection tasks, while at the same time improving efficiency and accuracy of data collection.

With the aid of a portable bar code device and the CRIBWARE Bar Code Software, a CRIBWARE operator can perform three functions while working physically away from the CRIBWARE host computer.

These remote functions include:

  • Check in/check out of items
  • Receiving of purchased items
  • Physical inventory

This can all be accomplished from anywhere within the facility, real-time, using the CRIBWARE Radio Frequency Bar Code option. With the batch mode option of the bar code module, the information can be uploaded into the CRIBWARE system when the operator returns to the host computer.
Check in/Check out
To perform a remote check in/check out, an operator may scan the bar code and enter the quantity checked-out as the tools are issued to employees, departments, machines, jobs and/or operations, work orders, tasks and/or assets plus two user definable tracking parameters. These tracking parameters may be modified to meet your own unique requirements. Kits can also be bar coded. As a kit is needed, the operator can scan a single bar code label for the check out/in of a kit.
Remote Receiving
Remote receiving of inventory allows the operator to receive inventory into the CRIBWARE System while out on the shop floor, at the loading dock or in a central receiving area. This flexibility reduces the transportation of tooling inventory and decreases receiving data entry time.
Physical Inventory
The physical inventory function within the Portable Bar Code Software enables you to quickly and accurately setup your system, conduct cycle counting data collection, and perform periodic physical inventory and auditing. By simply scanning a bar code and entering the quantity of a tool, the operator can collect data on several hundred tools, then upload the quantities into the CRIBWARE system.

    Bar Coding Equipment



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