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  Courier Automated e-Mail Reporting

CRIBWARE® Courier is an automated e-mail scheduler and transmitter. CRIBWARE reports can be scheduled to run at a specific time and CRIBWARE Courier will automatically run the report and e-mail the resulting HTML or Text file to the designated recipient(s).

CRIBWARE Courier not only runs a report and sends the results but also allows the user to send any file from any location. Let’s say a user manually places a text file at a specific location each day. You can set CRIBWARE Courier to send the text file to a designated recipient every day.

CRIBWARE Courier automates an e-mail process that occurs on a regular basis. You can set it up so a recipient receives e-mail with one or more attachments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.



  • Automatically sends email at a scheduled time
  • Transmitting interval: Daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Electronically runs and sends any designated Crystal Report (version 8.5)
  • Attach HTML or text files
  • Multiple scheduled email activities
  • Multiple recipients and CCs


  • Timely reporting
  • Standardized reporting process
  • Reduces human intervention in report generation
  • Send reports to remote locations
  • Eliminates fax and paperwork errors




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