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Inventory control maintains and provides planning, costing, condition category, availability, and vendor information on the status of all items controlled by the CRIBWARE® system. Item set-up, check out, check in and vendor selection are the activities performed by this function.

Inventory control is a basic building block in all CRIBWARE systems, maintaining all item information and inventory balances. Based on this information, the CRIBWARE application plans and controls all materials, resources, tools and references needed for your processes. Minimum and maximum inventory level control monitoring ensures product availability while reducing stock levels.

The storage location (multiple locations are permitted), stock status, cost and reorder point information is always available. You will know the value of your inventory, how much is on order and what is obsolete or dead inventory.Product quality and cost control are improved when the system manages your inventories. This up-to-date stock information is available to all CRIBWARE users.


  • Controls tools, safety, maintenance, and other indirect material items
  • Lowers material administration costs
  • Inventory turns are increased
  • Costly overstocks (and under stocks) are avoided
  • Planning is simplified and streamlined
  • The correct item is available for usage.
  • Tracks actual usage
  • Integrated purchasing and receiving
  • Maintains inventory valuation
  • Facilitates item standardization and vendor reduction
  • Reliable and scalable
  • Secure and accessible through your computer network
  • Multi-location, multiple bin inventory control
  • Tracking of issues and returns
  • New, Used and Other item condition categories
  • Perishable and permanent item management
  • Order point and max point replenishment
  • Multiple vendors per item
  • Last and average costing
  • Purchase versus usage monitoring
  • Purchase versus inventory quantity translations
  • Inventory balancing
  • Bar code optimized
Management Reports
  • Inventory Valuation - Actual and Average Costs
  • Usage - by Tracking Parameter
  • Item - by Location
  • Overdue Issued
  • Item History - Summary and Detailed
  • Usage -12 Month Rolling Usage Average
  • Usage - Item Volume and Vendor Volume
  • Obsolete Inventory
  • Where Used
  • Transferred Items




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