Open Database Connectivity

Your inventory information is a valuable corporate resource. Now you can provide tooling information to users throughout your organization, by allowing access to this information with standard windows applications. The CRIBWARE Open Access module provides query, report creation and data integration with other ODBC applications. Tool related information drives production, purchasing, and management decisions. CRIBWARE now makes this information readily available to your company's personnel.

The CRIBWARE Open Access Module offers an ODBC compliant version of the CRIBWARE database for external data querying of your tool management system. ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) uses structured query language (SQL) to access and manipulate data in database management systems. Simply put, the CRIBWARE ODBC options allows CRIBWARE data to be viewed, retrieved or manipulated from other ODBC compatible software applications. The CRIBWARE ODBC driver has read and write access capability. Applications using ODBC can easily access any CRIBWARE database, with the Open Access Module.

For instance,CRIBWARE ODBC options provide;

  • Report generation,
  • Querying,
  • Database integration,
  • Custom application interfaces for purchasing systems,
  • Job scheduling software,
  • MRP systems,
  • Accounting system updating,
  • Bar code printing.

The Open Access Module allows you to access your CRIBWARE data from Windows applications such as;

  • Microsoft Access,
  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft Query,
  • Crystal Reports,
  • Visual Basic,
  • Visual C++, C#.
ODBC column data
ODBC Data Linking