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Tracking items on a real-time basis provides item location information, cost and usage accountability. Items may be tracked by employee, department, machine, job, operation, work order, work order task, asset, and/or two user defined fields. Tool tracking provides the complete accounting of tooling and manufacturing accessories consumption, providing management with accurate records and analysis to better manage your tooling investment. The Check out/in process for each location can be customized to each department, or to fit organizational needs. One or more tracking parameters may be selected and the screen field name may be changed to accommodate your conventions.

The CRIBWARE® application manages both perishable and permanent material. Tracking covers the complete process lifecycle of tooling and accessories from requisition, usage, rework/resharp to scrapping and or obsolescence. CRIBWARE also tracks the condition of the items with a New, Used and Other classification. A cost may be assigned and tracked for each of the condition categories. Vendor history of item material costs and volume is provided on a monthly and yearly basis.

  • Real time cost, usage and location tracking
  • Lowers material expediting costs
  • Bar code optimized
  • Increases employee accountability
  • Integrates replenishment
  • Maintains inventory valuation
  • Facilitates item standardization and vendor reduction
  • Reliable and scalable
  • Secure and accessible through your computer network
  • Location customization
  • Tracking by usage of issues and returns
  • New and Used condition tracking and costing
  • Perishable and permanent item tracking
  • Order point and max point replenishment
Management Reports
  • Usage - by Tracking Parameter
  • Item - by Location
  • Overdue Issued
  • Item History - Summary and Detailed
  • Usage -12 Month Rolling Average
  • Top Used - by Quantity and Cost
  • Volume - by Vendor and Item
  • Usage - Item Volume and Vendor Volume
  • Obsolete Inventory
  • Where Used
  • Transferred Items




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